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July 2012

Silicon Valley Gets New Patent Office

This Monday started off with good news for all those in intellectual property world in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area - the USPTO announced that 3 new regional patent offices are being opened.  In addition to the new satellite office that is opening in Detroit July 13th 2012, the other offices will be located in San Jose, Dallas and Denver. These locations were chosen based on a few key factors, dispersed equally across all time zones, and as hubs of innovation economies (Silicon Valley representing electronics and biotech, Denver representing aerospace, and Dallas representing energy). San Jose emerged to some as the most logical spot, with Silicon Valley being the top recipient of patents having more than 10,000 granted in 2010.

May 2012

Global Innovation Summit - A Unique Opportunity!

Last week at the annual Silicon Valley LES conference, we learned about a very unique and interesting opportunity coming up this summer - a  three day conference called the Global Innovation Summit. It's purpose is to focus on discussing and coming up with solutions to the following challenge: How to create innovation ecosystems worldwide, such as the thriving example of Silicon Valley?

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