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May 2012

IPfolio Exhibiting at TechConnect World!

The headline pretty much says it all....we're thrilled to be attending and exhibiting for the first time at TechConnect World, one of the premiere global innovation and technology transfer events! The 4-day conference and expo runs from June 18th to 21st at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Attendees will range from tech transfer offices, corporate & academic innovators and early stage companies to corporate, government and investment developers.  To quote the even website, this will be "the largest multidisciplinary multi-sector conference and marketplace of vetted innovations, innovators & technology business developers and funders in the world.".

May 2012

The Importance of Creating Greater IP Visibility in Your Organization

The Google-Motorola acquisition, Nortel auction and most recently the Yahoo-Facebook patent squabble have all grabbed mainstream media coverage and sparked debate on the possibility of an 'IP Bubble'. Comparisons are starting to crop up to the dot.com bubble of the late 90's, raising speculation whether patent portfolios and companies whose stock relies heavily on intangible assets are really worth all the hype. Evaluating a patent portfolio's market value is an extremely difficult task, one that doesn't involve a simple algorithm or software process but rather a lot of research, human analysis and a thorough knowledge of the IP portfolio in question.

May 2012

The Facebook $16 Billion IPO: What role did IP play?


May 2012

Edison in the Boardroom Revisited: An engaging read about IP Management Strategy


April 2012

Strategic IP Management for Tech Transfer Offices: How to make it a reality

Universities and their tech transfer offices have an impressive amount and depth of patents and other forms of intellectual property, a point that was really highlighted for us at the recent AUTM Annual Meeting. A topic that kept being raised, however, was how the strategic management of university patent portfolios fits overall into resource allocation and budgets. With the growing interest in launching spin-offs, start-ups, and generally more effectively monetization of IP assets, what role does strategic IP management play in the focus and responsibilities of tech transfer professionals?

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