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July 2015

Why Legal is Embracing the Cloud – Part II

Two weeks ago, in Part I of this post, we covered some Cloud Computing 101 and started to discuss how switching to the cloud increases business agility and cost efficiency, thus creating positive ROI. We also busted some popular myths about data security and availability in the Cloud. Now, let's dive a bit deeper into the benefits, specifically for corporate IP/Legal departments.

April 2015

10 Patents that Launched Billion-Dollar Empires

To pivot or not to pivot. That’s the question hundreds of technology startups ponder when their original vision fails to take flight. For some, it’s a successful move. Consider Pinterest, which launched in 2009 as a mobile shopping app called Tote, or Groupon, which began life in 2007 to promote consumer activism before morphing into a wildly successful daily deals site.

October 2014

From Startup to Established Player in 30 Months

It’s been quite a journey.

July 2013

The Future Lies in Managing IP as a Business Asset

Two weeks ago, Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) software vendor Anaqua Inc. reportedly received a $100m investment. The number does not appear to be officially confirmed, and different sources on the web are inconsistent about whether it represents a funding round, an outright acquisition, or a mix of both. Either way, the figure is impressive and has sent a few ripples through an otherwise placid industry.

May 2013

USPTO to Select its Silicon Valley Location

Silicon Valley is one of the most IP intense regions in the world. The city of Sunnyvale has the highest number of inventors per capita in the world, according to recent data from the USPTO. IP has been making headlines lately with big Silicon Valley companies like Google, Apple, Yahoo and Facebook battling over their patent rights.

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