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January 2016

Challenges in Life Science Intellectual Property Management

There are few industries where the impact of IP management is as dramatic as it is in life science.

November 2012

New White Paper: Managing IP Beyond Excel

Creating and maintaining a high-value IP portfolio is expensive and time-consuming. Most companies have outsourced IP prosecution work to law firms, with the in-house IP team focusing mainly on managing the portfolio. In a surprising number of organizations, an Excel spreadsheet is still the tool of choice to accomplish this task. We would not put in doubt that Excel is a flexible and useful piece of software, but it has a few fundamental limitations that make it largely inadequate as an IP management tool.

April 2012

USPTO Launches New IP Assessment Tool for SMEs

The USPTO has launched a new IP assessment tool for small to medium sized enterprises - a particularly useful idea for start-ups and other growing businesses that may not even be sure yet whether they need IP protection.

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