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June 2012

IP Strategy and Considerations for Start-ups: Q&A with IP Checkups

Amidst all the recent attention-grabbing headlines of Silicon Valley IPOs, there is some discussion as to whether we are experiencing an ‘IP Bubble’. It’s becoming as important as ever for SMEs and start-ups to have a clear IP strategy in place, one that is aligned with their organization’s unique business strategy and needs. For small start-ups the prospect of where to even start with an IP strategy can be a daunting task. It may seem easiest to leave this to law firms and other 3rd parties, but that is not always feasible right at the start, due to budgetary and other constraints. We’ve teamed up with Lily Li from IPCheckups, a Berkeley-based boutique patent strategy and analytics firm, to get some advice and provide some guidelines on things for start-ups to consider when they plan their IP strategy.

May 2012

The Importance of Creating Greater IP Visibility in Your Organization

The Google-Motorola acquisition, Nortel auction and most recently the Yahoo-Facebook patent squabble have all grabbed mainstream media coverage and sparked debate on the possibility of an 'IP Bubble'. Comparisons are starting to crop up to the dot.com bubble of the late 90's, raising speculation whether patent portfolios and companies whose stock relies heavily on intangible assets are really worth all the hype. Evaluating a patent portfolio's market value is an extremely difficult task, one that doesn't involve a simple algorithm or software process but rather a lot of research, human analysis and a thorough knowledge of the IP portfolio in question.

May 2012

The Facebook $16 Billion IPO: What role did IP play?


May 2012

New Global Network for University, Tech Transfer and IP Professionals Launched

A new organization that's right up our alley has officially launched this month - the University Industry Innovation Network. Aimed at intellectual property (IP), technology transfer, licensing and other business professionals, it's objective is to provide "a professional resource and networking platform aiming to contribute to the improvement of relationships between academia and business organizations".

May 2012

Edison in the Boardroom Revisited: An engaging read about IP Management Strategy


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