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September 2017

What is IP Strategy? In-house Experts Speak

Every IP-aware organization - certainly every company we’ve ever spoken with about IPfolio - prioritizes IP strategy. It’s a popular topic at conferences and events (and often discussed in this blog: Creating an IP Strategy and Acquiring Support from Your Executive Team is an example). Have you attended any notable IP conferences in the past five years that didn’t include at least one session entitled something like “How to Align Your Business and IP Strategies?”

What’s interesting, however, is that if we polled our customers or asked attendees of our own IPforward conference to answer “What is IP Strategy?” the answers would likely vary. We’d have a variety of definitions.

September 2017

Selecting an IP Management System: Why Zynga Chose IPfolio

“Implementing IPfolio made me a hero at Zynga.”

- Teddy Joe, Senior Patent Counsel and Mayor of PatentVille, Zynga Inc. 

It’s always fascinating to speak with IPfolio customers and discuss their process of selecting an IP management system. Zynga Senior Patent Counsel Teddy Joe is in the house today to describe how Zynga ultimately chose IPfolio and the experience using the system.

August 2017

Case Study: How IDT Manages Global IP with IPfolio

“IPfolio has dramatically improved our ability to manage our patent portfolio. I only wish we had changed to IPfolio sooner.”

August 2017

Lecorpio Bought by Anaqua: Implications for the Market

"If you are a Lecorpio customer, one way or another you are probably going to have to go through...a long transition to a new IP management system.


May 2017

Lonnie Johnson: My Life as a Curious Inventor

"Inventing really does come down to perseverance, doing the hard work of identifying the problems, solving the problems, and then moving onto the next step.”

Lonnie Johnson, inventor


He’s the inventor of the Super Soaker, the father of the Nerf N-Strike dart gun, and worked on NASA’s Galileo, Voyager and Cassini space programs.

He is developing a new type of engine without any moving parts that can convert heat directly into electricity, as well as a solid state battery using a glass electrolyte instead of a liquid. He has two engineering degrees and over 100 patents protecting an amazing variety of inventions.

He’s a really nice guy, too. He’s Lonnie Johnson, one of America’s most prolific and successful inventors.

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