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April 2018

IPforward 2018 Preview


If it’s April in the Bay Area and it concerns IP, it means IPforward 2018 will again welcome hundreds of IP professionals to the Silicon Valley, a region synonymous with 21st-century American innovation. We hope to see you in San Mateo.

March 2018

Choosing an IP Management System-Why Intuit Chose IPfolio

Intuit built a financial technology platform on branding, product innovation and smart acquisitions. Trademarks and patents have been key foundations, of course, to the company’s growth and success, and managing thousands of them requires a solid technological foundation. We spoke with Senior Patent Counsel Arien Ferrell about the process Intuit followed when choosing and implementing IPfolio as its IP management system.

December 2017

Customer Success at IPfolio - much more than Customer Service

“The most important layer on top of having a great product is having great service. That's what we see our customers feeding back to us in their reviews.”

Rupert Mayer, CEO, IPfolio 

A strong product with excellent customer service is a winning combination for success in the software industry. Almost sounds like a cliche, doesn’t it? Yet how many companies do you think truly excel in both areas? (IPfolio is one, of course :)). We know we have a strong product – our sales growth in the last three years proves that – but we also score extremely well in the second half. We wanted to describe the origins of those high scores on software review sites.

November 2017

Famous Patent Wars: 1950-2000


With the twentieth century marching on and technology becoming ever more ubiquitous for consumers and businesses, it’s not surprising that well-funded and lengthy litigation battles arose. In the third installment of our Famous Patent War series (Part One: 1850-1900 and Part Two: 1900-1950), we look at three notable disputes related to the invention or evolution of industrial lasers, instant photography and disposable diapers.

October 2017

Patenting Algorithms: IP Case Law and Claiming Strategies

We're delighted to welcome Vincent Spinella-Mamo to the IPfolio editorial desk today. Vince earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Physics from Georgetown University, followed by a J.D from George Washington University. He’s currently managing IP for one of Silicon Valley’s most intriguing stealth startups. 

After his well-received presentation this summer at one of our IPforward dinners, we invited him to adapt it for our blog audience. We’re excited to share with you Vince’s tips on patenting algorithms and some of his most successful claiming strategies.

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