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IPforward Becoming “Can’t Miss” IP Management Conference

On an IP Management conference list, IPforward is definitely becoming one of the must-attend dates on the calendars of IP leaders in the United States. We’re delighted of course.

The third version of IPforward, April 13 at the Sofitel Hotel in Redwood Shores, continues the “bigger and better than the previous event” arc. IPforward 2017 offers more speakers, a superb keynote and an expanded topic range. With much higher pre-registrations than in previous years, we will host close to 200 IP leaders for an animated and interactive day.

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America’s Most Popular Inventor

We’re especially delighted/chuffed/deliriously happy that Lonnie Johnson will open the conference. With over 100 patent grants in an illustrious career, he’s an absolute rock star in the stimulating worlds of science, aerospace and water pistols. (Yes, he invented the SuperSoaker in the early 1980s. One could credibly argue that he’s more responsible for keeping kids safely occupied during summer vacation than any individual inventor in history).

For the last 20 years, Lonnie’s been on a renewable energy mission to improve generation and storage technologies, and he’s made huge breakthroughs to overcome the limitations of current options such as lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells. We look forward to hearing him describe the American Dream through the perspective of invention and innovation. Here is Lonnie talking about new approaches to energy solutions:  


Leading Edge Stuff

The agenda for the remainder of the day covers a range of IP strategy, tactics & operational issues that IP leaders need to understand as they build, manage and monetize their corporate portfolios. We’ve lined up some terrific speakers from Facebook, Google, GoPro, Huawei, LinkedIn, Seagate, Uber, and X “The Moonshot Factory” who are super enthusiastic about sharing their experience and best practice advice. (The post-session “who has questions?” moments are especially valuable. There’s a lot of actionable Q&A discussion).

Not Your Average Vendor Conference

What’s really gratifying for us is that IPforward isn’t your basic vendor user conference; it’s already become an important IP industry education and networking watering hole - akin to the role the RSA Conference plays within the information security world. We deliberately planned IPforward as an industry exchange where in-house IP counsel and professionals can learn what their peers are doing so that each attendee can increase the value of what they do at work. (If you’re interested in IPfolio as a product, our IPfolio User Group meeting is on April 12).

We look forward to welcoming everyone to the heart of the Silicon Valley and one of the most useful IP Management conferences you can attend. 

See you in two weeks!


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