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UK Intellectual Property Office Launches Initiative to Help SMEs

There has been a positive trend in recent months of different countries' patent offices launching new initiatives aimed at helping and supporting SMEs (small to mid-sized enterprises) in developing and managing their patent strategies.

The UK's IPO (Intellectual Property Office) has recently announced a new plan to better support the country's SMEs. Based on the research and findings of Professor Ian Hargreaves, in a report commissioned by Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010, the plan presents recommendations developed around four objectives:

  • Raising Awareness and Understanding of IP
  • Improving Access to IP Advice
  • Long Term Skills Development
  • Future Work on Dispute Resolution

You can read the full details of the report, and plan for action here: From Ideas to Growth: Helping SMEs get value from their Intellectual Property.

This initiative seems like a step in the right direction, and is reminiscent of similar efforts launched by the American PTO this spring, with their launch of a new IP assessment tool for SMEs. Here at IPfolio we definitely applaud both countries' efforts and are hoping more countries follow suit! Our IP management software is a perfect fit for SMEs, with its affordable pricing, flexibility for all sizes of patent portfolios and intuitively easy to use reporting. If you're interested in learning more, check out our 30-day free trial!

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