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Global Innovation Summit - A Unique Opportunity!

Last week at the annual Silicon Valley LES conference, we learned about a very unique and interesting opportunity coming up this summer - a  three day conference called the Global Innovation Summit. It's purpose is to focus on discussing and coming up with solutions to the following challenge: How to create innovation ecosystems worldwide, such as the thriving example of Silicon Valley?

Organized by Alfred Watkins, Greg Horowitt and Victor Hwang (author of the similarly themed, excellent read The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley), it has an impressive line-up of highly respected partners, including the World Bank, the OECD, the African Development Bank and many others. The format of the event will not be like that of your typical conference, attendees will be organized into groups of 12 to 15 called 'houses', and active, fully engaged participation is a key requirement. Participants will include individuals from a wide range of backgrounds who all share a common interest and passion for innovation, from entrepreneurs, scientists and innovators, to ministers, venture capital firms, academic institutions and NGOs.

The event takes place July 16-18 in Silicon Valley, and is by invitation only, however that shouldn't be a deterrent, but rather an indication of the high quality of the attendees. If you haven't received an invite (all members of the LES-SV Chapter are invited), you can request one via their registration page. Early bird registration ends May 15, so don't delay!

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