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Edison in the Boardroom Revisited: An engaging read about IP Management Strategy


Over the past few years, a number of excellent books have been published on strategic intellectual property management, IP portfolio management and related industry topics. A couple of titles that stand out on our bookshelf include The Invisible Edge: Taking your Strategy to the Next Level Using Intellectual Property and Burning the Ships: Transforming your Company's Culture Through Intellectual Property Strategy.

With the warm weather and promising sunny days of vacation ahead, we're sharing another great read worth digging into this summer: Edison in the Boardroom Revisited: How Leading Companies Realize Value from their Intellectual Property, by Suzanne Harrison and Patrick Sullivan. Recently updated from the original which was published back in 2001, the new edition features new interviews, case studies and success stories from some of the most fascinating IP-driven companies in the world. The book provides an excellent introduction to IP management strategy, as well as a great overview of the evolution of the industry and current hot topics such as NPE's (non-practicing entities) and IP damages. Harrison and Sullivan's explanation of the stages in the IP value hierarchy are well supported with examples and clear guidelines for best practices implementation. Detailed case studies such as the one on Procter & Gamble offer a great narrative and inside perspective on the recommendations set forth. Further, a concise framework is provided for IP managers at every level, on how to grow their IP assets and how to better align their IP strategy with their overall business strategy.

While the style of prose at times is a bit clunky, it comes across as an earnest way to share the informative and factual nature of the content. The overall result is not just a relevant and useful guide for anyone involved in IP management, but also an accessible and engaging read for those new to the field, or with just a general curiosity about the IP industry. Please share other recommended reads in the comments!

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