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Early Praise for IPfolio's IP Management Software

While finalizing the first commercial version of IPfolio, we’ve been conducting extensive product demos since January to companies throughout Silicon Valley. We’ve been showing off our baby to a variety of IP creators and collecting their feedback to ensure that when IPfolio launches this month, it will rock.

We are happy to report that their feedback has been almost entirely in the form of praise.

Who doesn’t like praise? Who doesn’t like to hear others gushing about the thoughtfulness of their kids, a really good presentation at work, the taste of their chocolate chip cookies, or the uniqueness of their new IP software? We’re no different. We love chocolate chip cookies.

We also love the fact that the IP professionals we’ve shown IPfolio to are as excited about it as we were developing it.  Here is a sampling of their feedback:


“This is a great tool. I’m very happy with what I’ve seen. Great job.”

 - Head of IP Strategy
Computer peripherals manufacturer
Portfolio: 300 patents
January 2012

“We use a dozen law firms so getting perspective is a little difficult.
Currently we can’t get a picture of what is going on in the whole;
it is a lot of searching and piecing things together.”

- Chief Patent Officer
Contract R&D service provider
Portfolio: >900 patents
January 2012

“This is good. I definitely like what I see. I like that there is a dashboard
and I don’t have to push information out to people. “

 - Director of Patent Informatics
B2B software developer
Portfolio: ~100 patents
January 2012

“I like the IPfolio top-level view. Each user can customize the dashboard
so it will help them focus on the important things. I want something that is
easy for business development, senior management, contract administration,
IP and legal people. I don’t want people to complain about the data.
The top-level is great but granularity in IPfolio is also much better
than our current software

- IP Administrator
Contract R&D service provider
Portfolio: >900 patents
January 2012

If you’re curious about what got them so excited, give us a call or drop us a line at info@ipfolio.com and we’ll be happy to show you!

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