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Case Study: How IDT Manages Global IP with IPfolio

“IPfolio has dramatically improved our ability to manage our patent portfolio. I only wish we had changed to IPfolio sooner.”

That’s Bruce Elder, Director of IP and Licensing at Integrated Device Technology (IDT), describing the impact of IPfolio in our newest case study. It showcases IPfolio’s flexibility and ROI at companies like IDT that have global IP programs and ambitions. 


Its headquarters may be in San Jose, CA and its stock traded on NASDAQ, but IDT’s fortunes depend on identifying, planning for, and responding to trends and opportunities in multiple regions. With R&D centers on three continents and communications, computing, automotive and industrial customers across the planet, effective global IP coverage is vital.

Replacing a Legacy IP Management System

When Bruce joined IDT in 2014, one of his first tasks was upgrading its IP management system. Jettisoning an aging and inflexible system made it much easier to manage a large patent portfolio:

“It's been a tremendous experience. Prior to IPfolio, we had a patent management system that was almost impossible to change. The code was old and inflexible, and every time we wanted to change how we were doing business or how we were analyzing our patent portfolio, it would take great expense and a great deal of time to make that change. With IPfolio, that situation has changed completely.”

Case Study Takeaways

In the case study, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of replacing legacy software
  • How IDT manages >1,000 patents with a 2.5 person IP team
  • How IDT adapts its IP management system to reflect business changes
  • How IDT has automated USPTO feeds to ensure patent data integrity

Download the case study here today.

Posted by Nigel Ravenhill

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